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Todd Reed

TR226C, , , Oxidized Sterling Silver, Autumn Diamonds (6.35cttw), White Brilliant Cut Diamonds (1.555cttw), 18k Rose Gold
TR231C, , , Oxidized Sterling Silver, Autumn Diamonds (0.462cttw), White Brilliant Cut Diamonds (0.0495cttw), Raw Diamond Cube (0.10ct), 18k Rose Gold
TR228C, , , Oxidized Sterling Silver, Brilliant Cut Diamonds (2.495cttw), 18k Rose Gold

Alexandra Rivera

AR118C, , Nestled, 18k Yellow Gold, Diamond
AR142C, , Hydrangea Fringe, 18k Yellow Gold
AR135C, , Cone, 18k Yellow Gold, Oval Burma Ruby (2.89cttw)

Cheryl Rydmark

CR79C, , , 18k and 14k Yellow Gold, Diamonds GH/Vs (1.16cttw)
CR87C93C, , Hoops with Charm, 18k Yellow Gold, Brown Diamonds (5.91cttw)
CR84C, , Lariat Design, 14k Yellow Gold, Brown Diamonds (9.35ct)

Biba Schutz

BS428C, , , 22k Yellow Gold, Sterling Silver
BS429C, , , 22k Yellow Gold, Sterling Silver
BS432C, , , Sterling Silver

Tura Sugden

TS41C, , A Double Rose Cut Aquamarine in a Hand-Fabricated Signature Setting, 18k Palladium White Gold, Aquamarine (1.145ct)
TS39C, , One-of-a-Kind Rose Cut Gray Diamond Slices are Composed with Three Brilliant Cut Diamonds in Hand-Fabricated Signature Settings and Dropping From a Fixed Ear Hook, 18k Palladium White Gold, Diamond Slice, Diamonds (2.12cttw)
TS21C, , , 22k and 18k Yellow Gold, Platinum, Rose Cut Aquamarine (0.70ct), Pavé Diamonds (0.04cttw)

Beverly Tadeu

BT33C, , Landscape, Oxidized Sterling Silver
BT40C, , Landscape, 18k Yellow Gold, Diamond, Oxidized Sterling Silver
BT4C, , Windows, Oxidized Sterling Silver

Julia Turner

JT10C, , Rolo, Cord, Walnut, Japanese Glass Beads
JT81C, , Poppy Sweep, Oxidized Sterling Silver, Japanese Glass Beads
JT44C, , Ember, Enamel, Oxidized Sterling Silver, Steel

Niki Ulehla

NU372C, , Triple Dangle, 18k Yellow Gold, Coral
NU371C, , , 14k Yellow Gold, Coral, Australian South Sea Pearl, Magnet
NU260C, , Large Red Cross Dangle, Ink on Silk, Oxidized Sterling Silver

Myung Urso

MU28C, , Shell, Oxidized Sterling Silver , Sand, Pigment, Green Lacquer
MU24C, , Single Shell, Oxidized Sterling Silver, Sand, Pigment, Green Lacquer
MU46C, , Stitches, Lacquer, Acrylic Paint, Sterling Silver, Thread, Wood