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Christy Klug

CHK122C, Necklaces, , Oxidized Sterling Silver, Pink Enamel
CHK163C, Pendants, , 18k Yellow Gold, Oxidized Sterling Silver, Pink Enamel
CHK162C, , , Oxidized Sterling Silver, Pink Enamel

Seung Hea Lee

SHL117C, Pendants, , Mystic Labradorite, Oxidized Sterling Silver
SHL48C, Bracelets, , Mystic Labradorite, Oxidized Sterling Silver
SHL58C, Necklaces, , Mystic Labradorite, Oxidized Sterling Silver

Nancy Linkin

NL23C, Earrings, , 18k Gold, Sterling Silver
NL53C, Bracelets, Intertwined Cuff, 18k Yellow Gold, Sterling Silver
NL51C, Earrings, Petite, 18k Gold, Sterling Silver

Loeber + Look

LL65C, Bracelets, Double Linked Rings, 18k Gold, Sterling Silver
LL61C, Necklaces, Golden Rice, 18k Gold, Oxidized Sterling Silver
LL56C, Earrings, Tie, 18k Gold, Sterling Silver

Sydney Lynch

SL23C, Rings, Strata, 18k Gold, 22k Gold, Oxidized Sterling Silver, Peridot
SL19C, Pendants, Mint Green Cluster, 18k Gold, 22k Gold, Green Chalcedony, Oxidized Sterling Silver, Peridot, Prazolite, Tourmaline, Variscite
SL233X, Earrings, Long Chain, 18k Gold, 22k Gold, Sterling Silver

Christine Mackellar

CM10C, Earrings, Fused Double Leaf, 18k Gold, Sterling Silver
CM22C, Pendants, Dragon Flower, 18k Gold, Freshwater Pearl, Oxidized Sterling Silver
CM15C, Bracelets, Eclipse Bangle with Oval Pattern, 18k Gold and Sterling Silver Bimetal, Amethyst, Oxidized Sterling Silver

Enric Majoral

EM242X, , 2-Strands Papallones, Sterling Silver
EM241X, Earrings, Papallones, 18k Yellow Gold, Oxidized Sterling Silver
EM243X, Necklaces, Samoa, Black Ribbon, Sterling Silver

Mallary Marks

MM41C, , Dancing Confetti, 22k Yellow Gold, Aquamarine (2.53cttw), Yellow Sapphire (3.19cttw), Orange Sapphire (2.99cttw)
MM42C, , Kaleidoscope, 22k Yellow Gold, Multi Colored Sapphire Beads (70.08cttw)
MM27C, , Kaleidoscope, 18k Yellow Gold, Chrysoberyl (70.43cttw)

Ayesha Mayadas

AM172C, Rings, Star Cluster, 18k Yellow Gold, Diamonds (0.40cttw), Aquamarine (2.04ct)
AM141C42C, Earrings, 2-Piece Earring with Driftwood Attachment, 18k Yellow Gold, Diamonds (0.05cttw), Baroque Pearl
AM151C, Bracelets, Wafer Cuff, 18k Yellow Gold, Diamonds (0.50cttw)