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April Higashi

AH95C, , Moth Hoops, 18k Gold Wires, White and Cognac Diamonds, Oxidized Sterling Silver
AH126C, Pendants, , Vintage Steel Cut Beads, Tennessee River Dome Pearl, Oxidized Sterling Silver
AH59C, Earrings, , Steel Cut Beads, Oxidized Sterling Silver

Priya Himatsingka

PH315C, Bracelets, Raj Flower Bangle, Copper, Sterling Silver, Zinc Alloy
PH332C, Earrings, Victoria 2-Piece Earring, Sterling Silver
PH338C, Necklaces, Dewdrop, Oxidized Sterling Silver, Sterling Silver

Reiko Ishiyama

RI126C, , Camellia, 18k Yellow Gold, Sterling Silver
RI130C, Bracelets, Cuff, Sterling Silver
RI133C, Earrings, , 18k Gold Bimetal, Sterling Silver

John Iversen

JI191C, , 4 Part Hydrangea Hook, 14k Gold Ear Wires, Oxidized Sterling Silver
JI154C, Necklaces, Seed, Oxidized Sterling Silver
JI164C, Rings, Jacks, 18k Gold, Grey Pearls, Oxidized Sterling Silver

Thea Izzi

TI169C, , Daisy, Sterling Silver
TI129C, , Nava Circle Hoop Triple Drop, 14k Gold Ear Wires, Sterling Silver
TI168C, , Chrysalis, Sterling Silver

Sowon Joo

SJ101C, Earrings, , 24k Gold Leaf, Oxidized Sterling Silver
SJ108C, Bracelets, , Black Spinel, Oxidized Sterling Silver
SJ85C, Pins, , 18k Yellow Gold, Diamonds, Oxidized Sterling Silver

Dahlia Kanner

DK272C, Bracelets, , Sterling Silver
DK278C, Pendants, , Sterling Silver
DK291C, Earrings, , Oxidized Sterling Silver, Sterling Silver

Janis Kerman

JK465C, , , 18k Yellow Gold, Black Diamonds, Cultured Pearls, Sterling Silver
JK447C, , Cuff, 18k Yellow Gold, White Mother of Pearl, Diamonds (0.24cttw), Sterling Silver
JK468C, Necklaces, , 18k Yellow Gold, Black Diamonds, Cultured Pearls, Sterling Silver

Ananda Khalsa

AK10C, Earrings, , 22k Yellow Gold, Blue Sapphires, 18k Yellow Gold  Earwires, Tourmaline
AK14C, Necklaces, , 22k Yellow Gold, 20k Yellow Gold, 35 Blue Green Tourmalines
AK11C, , , 22k Yellow Gold, Aquamarine, Blue Sapphire, 18k Yellow Gold  Earwires, Sterling Silver